(CAN) Front End Assistant Manager - How To Apply


Assist the shop manager, oversee operations according to corporate policies, and guide associates to guarantee friendly, accommodating service and boost sales in the store. 


What are you going to do? 


1. Drives successful sales as a part of the store management team by meeting profit and sales targets, managing the budget, and hitting sales projections. proactively examines and makes use of economic trends, community needs, and sales and financial data to recognize and address market shifts while keeping costs under control. associates with sales results and directs result interpretation.

2. Develops operational plans in consultation with the rest of the management team; assigns, assigns, and gives managers and associates precise instructions. Maintains ideal retail conditions by accurately and competitively pricing, effectively presenting items, and adhering to store standards that are in line with company rules and procedures. Executes new store initiatives following company directives, assessing efficacy to get favorable outcomes, particularly concerning the front end, back end, freshness, or operations—a particular area that the incumbent will handle. When needed, an assistant manager with cross-training can operate effectively in any department of the store. 


3. Implements and oversees asset protection and safety measures; upholds quality assurance standards; manages operational reviews and safety; all while making sure that specified safety, security, and sales standards are met as well as Walmart policies and procedures.

4. Uses customers as brand ambassadors by welcoming them, asking about their opinions, and making sure that their requirements, grievances, and problems are handled following business policies to make their shopping experience enjoyable. As a manager, you set an example, enforce rules, and give guidance to staff members on how to deliver courteous and helpful customer service. 


5. Encourages shop activities to benefit the community by becoming involved in and lending support to local events, as well as cultivating connections with important community organizations. Engages in company-sponsored events, programs, and environmental initiatives for customers and employees to highlight the store's vital role in the community.

6. Oversees Associates by presiding over frequent store meetings and conveying operational directives and projects, emphasizing the OMNI and the Total Store. encourages participation, honors and rewards success, and offers chances for career advancement. enhances the capabilities of all colleagues by identifying those with high potential and developing them through training and development. 


7. Exhibits company values by holding associates accountable through corrective and disciplinary action as well as timely, honest, respectful, and precise performance feedback. assembles and maintains connections with district and store support staff, such as district HR managers. 


8. Adheres to all company policies and guidelines when handling all products, such as high-end items, alcohol, firearms, and drugs. Maintains proper cash controls, managing up to $250,000 daily.

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