*Insurance company general manager*


For the post of general manager of an insurance company, GLORIOUS FUTURE INCORPORATION, with its headquarters in Brampton, ON, is accepting applications from qualified applicants. GLORIOUS FUTURE INCORPORATION is committed to creating better tomorrows and serves as a source of inspiration. 

Every obstacle offers a chance, in our opinion, and every advance brings about a better future. Our group of enthusiastic experts combines a plethora of knowledge, inventiveness, and an unwavering will to succeed. 

If one of the candidates is chosen for the position, they must begin working right away.

Job Summary: 


Role: General Manager of an insurance firm.

Number of Openings: One.

Pay: $65.00 per hour, thirty-five hours a week.

Type of Employment: Full-Time, Permanent.

Where: Brampton, Ontario.



Languages: English language proficiency is a must for candidates. Education: Applicants must have a standard education, such as a college degree or the CEGEP. 

Experience Candidates must have at least five years of experience.

Candidate Status: This post is open to Canadian citizens and temporary or permanent foreign employees. 

International candidates may also apply if they do not currently possess a valid work permit in Canada.


The candidates should be able to commit time, money, and materials to carry out organizational policies and initiatives.

The applicants must be able to plan and approve the creation of significant departments and the senior staff roles that go along with them. 

The candidates must be qualified to create and approve overall human resources planning, as well as financial and administrative controls and promotional activities. 

The candidates must be able to create organizational goals and create or approve policies and programs. 

In negotiations or other official duties, the candidates should be qualified to represent the organization or assign representatives to do so

The applicants should be able to choose directors, middle managers, and other executive employees; grant them the required authority; and establish the best possible working environments.

How to apply: If the job is a good fit for you and you meet the minimum qualifications, you may now apply directly to the employer using the information below, along with your CV. 


via email: [email protected]

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