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Ways To Donate Your Car To Charity In Sacramento, CA And Northern Nevada

Ways To Donate Your Car To Charity In Sacramento, CA And Northern Nevada

 Donating cars benefits Northeastern California and Northern Nevada. youngsters at Make-A-Wish. Sacramento, California, and Northern Nevada Car Donations Northern Nevada and Northeastern California Make-A-Wish.

Wheels For Wishes offers residents of Northern California and Nevada a convenient way to support nearby children. You can contribute almost any car to the cause. Because of Make-A-Wish Northeastern California and Northern Nevada, children in the area have more reason to believe, be brave, and enjoy themselves!

In the Sacramento area, car contributions help to fulfill the dreams of kids like Maren, 5, who wants to swim with mermaids.

In California, we will pick up almost any vehicle from:

  • Sacramento
  • Roseville
  • Folsom
  • Yuba City
  • Elk Grove
  • Modesto
  • Stockton

In Nevada, we will pick up almost any vehicle from:

  • Carson City
  • Reno
  • West Wendover

All inhabitants of northern Nevada are eligible to participate in the Wheels For Wishes program. We will come grab your car, no matter how little your town is, so you can assist the children there.

Free Towing Of Almost Any Vehicle
  • Cars
  • SUV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • Watercraft
  • Boats
  • Motorhomes
  • RV’s
  • Trailers
  • And more!

Why Would You Donate or Give Your Car To Charity?

Donations to Wheels For Wishes are not only a great way to help a deserving cause, but they are also advantageous to you.

A tow can be provided for free for almost any car, running or not.
You can avoid trying to sell or trade in your old car by donating it.

On your behalf, we take care of every single detail. This include taking care of title transfers, essential DMV paperwork, and other things.

Wheels For Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so you may write off your donation on your taxes.

After your automobile is picked up, we will email you a 100% tax-deductible receipt that you may attach to your 1098-c tax return along with.

"Since 1983, we have been able to grant the wishes of more than 5,600 local children thanks to the support of kind donors like you. We appreciate your support as we continue to grant the wishes of one kid at a time in our community."

How Do I Donate A Car In The Sacramento Area?

Northeastern, Central, and Northern Nevada residents can donate cars here:

1. Dial 1-855-278-9474 or use our donation form online at Wheels For Wishes.
2. The following business day, within 24 hours, we will schedule your tow.
3. Finally, we'll mail you your tax-deductible receipt after the car donation procedure is finished.

Vehicle donations enable children's wishes like that of 8-year-old Guy, who wants to be a race car driver.

Since the founding of our firm in 2010, Wheels has donated more than $103 million to Make-A-Wish regional chapters across the country. This has made it possible for local kids to fulfill more than 12,693 Make-A-Wish requests. Giving more kids with serious medical conditions a chance at a happy and flourishing childhood is our aim. You help make it possible by donating your car.
Every child, regardless of health, deserves the chance to have a happy and fulfilling childhood, according to Wheels For Wishes.

Wheels is able to raise money for Make-A-Wish chapters across the nation by receiving car donations, which aids in granting wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses. A wish gives a kid the chance to forget about their medical regimens for a while and just have fun.

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